Palm TP Stearic


A natural stearic, this wax increases firmness, aids mold release, and helps prevent candles from losing their shape in warmer weather. This stearic is made from the wax on palm leaves. No animal ingredients. 5% will aid mold release; 10%-30% will impart opacity. Melt Point: 150 Degrees F.

Bulk Pricing – 55 Pound Case  [A0010]

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Palm TP Stearic – 55 pound bag
Palm TP Stearic – 1 pound bag
Palm TP Stearic – 5 pound bag


Palm Stearic serves the same function in candles as the Triple Pressed Stearic acid but is derived strictly from
palm oil. Palm Stearic is a very effective additive to use with 100% soy based waxes. Palm Stearic will help
increase the fragrance load in soy and paraffin waxes and will help you achieve a smooth even finish on your


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