CBL-130 off-spec; 50lb case


This is a unique blend of paraffin and soy that is designed for the production of jar/container candles. This hybrid blend can offer single pour characteristics, customers will need to evaluate with their specific application. Soy Hybrid-CBL-130 is designed to eliminate separation from the container wall.  This wax is only available in SLAB form.

Applications: Great for melts, tarts, scrap wax, fire starters, and can be used in candle making if wicked properly and tested (may have to go up a size or two for wicking).

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CBL-130 SDS Wax Blend Consistency: Soft
Fragrance Capacity: 6%
Candle’s Finish: Creamy, Smooth
Pouring Temp (°F): (145-155)°
Melting Point (°F): 131°


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