Soy Coconut Jar Wax-60lb

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Key Benefits
High quality, superior performance, increased fragrance loading 7-10%, excellent glass adhesion, a value added 100% vegetable origin wax



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Soy Coconut Jar Wax provides excellent texture and glass adhesion.

Added Performance Benefits, fat bloom resistance, glass adhesion, one pour, fragrance loading 7-10%

Impact, value added wax, 100% botanical origin, contains no animal products.

Properties, slab form, melt point 124-130 degrees F., melting temperature 180 degrees, pouring temperature 150 (+/-) 10 degrees,

C-6 Soy Coconut-60LB



1 review for Soy Coconut Jar Wax-60lb

  1. erosario8726

    when can you pour , and how much fragrance per 16 oz jar, is this better than the c-3 wax

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