Square Braided Wick Spools – 4 lb roll 2000 yds/roll 3/0

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Available in 8 oz. Rolls and Large Rolls. The Large Rolls are packaged on a 8-1/4″ long tube with 5/8″ hole diameter. The average weight of a large roll is 4 pounds per roll.

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Square braided wicks were originally designed for beeswax candles but can be used in all types of waxes. Their open construction and special treatment make them a good selection for viscous material (beeswax & vegetable waxes). Square wick is designed to give you a curl when it is burned to minimize carbon buildup. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers with a chemical treatment.

1 review for Square Braided Wick Spools – 4 lb roll 2000 yds/roll 3/0

  1. Mary

    I have purchased bulk wick from this company for a few years and was always pleased. The last batch received was defective and caused the candles to burn down one side of the candle creating quite a mess plus being a fire hazard. I spoke with the manager, who had attitude, but she reluctantly stated that she would send a sample of 2/0 wick to compare and see if it burned better. She was resistant to the idea of reimbursing or replacing defective wick.
    That was about a month ago and there has not been a sample received or any contact from candlewic. Needless to say, I will take business elsewhere.

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