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Gel Compatible

Bulk fragrance cans are available, please call for size and pricing.

Jasmine – 1 pound
Jasmine – 1 ounce
Jasmine – 8 ounce


Specifically formulated for use in candles (not for use in foods). The perfume fragrances are 100% concentrates and will give your candles a lively scent. These scents are classified for 3-4% usage.

2 reviews for Jasmine

  1. vleedarrah (verified owner)

    Great, strong scent!! Smells amazing and made a really nice 14 oz candle ( 3 wick). Strong and really nice, fresh, sweet, earthy smell. Love it! Since its pretty strong, you don’t have to add as much, which is a great plus. Btw I recommend, if you are looking, to get Fresh Cut Roses Yankee type, Sunflowers and Sunshine, Jasmine, and Sandalwood Rose! All of those are strong and amazing smelling!

  2. Viviana

    are there esential oils you can vape

    • Avatar photo

      William Binder

      NO they are not.

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