EPSOM SALT (Magnesium Sulfate)


EPSOM SALT (Magnesium Sulfate)
comes in a form of small somewhat translucent crystals. It’s USP grade and is very soluble in water. It has many uses ranging from industrial to food.


Bath Bombs

Relaxing Soaks

Soap Salt Bars

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EPSOM SALT (Magnesium Sulfate) – 50 lb. Bag

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Cas # 10034-99-8

Epsom Salts; Mg 5-Sulfat; Bitter salts; Epsomite

Origin: USA

Epsom Salt is chemically stable and will not support microbial growth. Magnesium sulfate is very soluble in water, it may absorb water from the air causing it to cake over time. Therefore, it’s recommended that the product be protected from exposure to extreme temperature and humidity.


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