Candlewic’s First Ad in 1973

The Candlewic Company, like many companies, truly started as a hobby for Bill and Betty Binder back in the early 1970s. When their oldest son was in the Cub Scouts, Betty was looking for a project for the troop to undertake that would be fun and unique. The project that fit this bill was pouring candles using a milk carton as a mold. The project was so successful and fun that candles were being made almost everyday in the Binder household.

It did not take long before the business/hobby took over the residential home of the Binders and their garage was full of supplies to make candles. These supplies were being shipped to candle manufacturers throughout the world even in 1972 when much of the economy was regionally based. In 1978 the business moved into an official warehouse and the business continued to grow under the leadership of Bill and Betty Binder.

The Candlewic Company is located in beautiful Bucks County and continues to lead the candle industry in new developments to make candle making easier and interesting for companies of all sizes. The Candlewic Company has focused 100% on candle making and is committed to serving all of our customers. The second generation Binders are now at the helm of Candlewic and continue to search for and offer new products. We remain committed to our customers and the candle industry.


Bill Jr. and Dave Binder