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Elevate your candle and soap creations with Candlewic’s specially curated fragrances. Our extensive fragrance collection ranges from the Ultimate and Bold to the Classic and Standard, encompassing Designer and Brand aromas, as well as Soap Friendly options for multi-purpose crafting.

Our specially curated seasonal fragrances are designed to transport you, embracing the spirit of each season with every burn. Explore these aromatic options for the perfect scents to accompany you on your journey from the vibrant, fresh blooms of springtime and warm, balmy nights of summer to the rustic ambiance of autumn and joyful magic of winter festivities.

At Candlewic, we believe that every scent has the power to transform a space, a moment, and even a mood. Our aromas provide more than just delightful scents. Experience the soothing effects of lavender for better sleep or the natural repellent properties of citronella to keep bugs at bay.
If you’re new to candle-making, check out our Para-Soy Starter Candlemaking Kit, a true one-stop-shop for crafting beautiful candles. It includes all the essentials to get started, plus a trio of our most beloved essential oil scents to infuse your creations with amazing aromas right from the start. Simple, complete, and fragrantly fun – this kit is all you need to light up your candle-making passion.