Make colorful soap creations by adding Candlewic’s FDA-approved dyes with ease.

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Showing all 6 results

Color dyes are a great way to spruce up your soaps and give them the pop and zazz you’re looking for.

Candlewic offers many soap dye colors including but not limited to brown, dark blue, deep purple, green, orange, and red. What colors you choose for your soaps is all about what you want out of your soap creations.

Soap making is a fun and easy skill to learn. Make your own soap based on the ingredients you prefer and that work best for your body. You can also make soap for your friends and family. Many go on to create their own successful soap-making businesses.

Candlewic has everything you need to make your first soap and beyond, check out our other soap-making tools and ingredients such as molds, bases, soap-making ingredients, and essential oils.