Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax

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Beautiful soy candles with all-natural wax! The Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend has a lower melt point which helps with the burn and gives better glass adhesion. Mixes well with paraffin wax at any level.

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Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax - 50-pound case
Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax - 5 pound bag
Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax - 1 pound bag
Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax - 50-pound case w shipping included
Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax - 5 50-pound cases w shipping included


Wax Blend Consistency: Soft
Candle’s Finish: Creamy Opaque
Pouring Temp (°F): 125-145°
Melting Point (°F): 115-124°

16 reviews for Golden Wax 464 Soy Blend Wax

  1. Maria Lim (verified owner)

    What is this wax blended with?

    • William Binder

      Botanical Oils

  2. Erika Macias

    Does the wax come in flakes?

    • William Binder

      Yes all of the soy waxes are sold in flake form.

  3. Cristian Cardozo (verified owner)

    Very good natural soy wax! Shipping time was good too!

  4. Cristian Cardozo (verified owner)

    Very good natural soy wax, shipping time was good too!

  5. Briana

    Can this wax be used in a pillar candle?

    • William Binder

      Unfortunately the 464 cannot be used to make pillars. It is only designed for containers.

  6. Gianna G

    What wicks should be used with this wax in 10 oz & 14 oz containers?

    • William Binder

      Would recommend testing the ECO-12 or ECO-14 for both sizes.

  7. Seda

    I tought 464 was pure soy! What’s it blended with?? And why?

    • William Binder

      It has roughly 2% of a Natural Botanical oil that AAK feels will improve the performance of the wax.

  8. Litina Wauchope

    Is this the same wax that is sold in Hobby Lobby?

    • William Binder

      Unfortunately it is not.

  9. Katie

    What wick should be used if I use this wax with a 22 ounce Libbey Jar?

    • William Binder

      Would recommend testing the ECO-14 or the HTP-1312.


    You recommended ECO-12 or ECO-14 for 14 ounce container…is this for a 3 wick configuration?

    • William Binder

      No this recommendation is for a single wick use.

  11. Roberta

    This wax has a beautiful and aromatic hot and cold throw. What wicks would you recommend for containers 2-3″; 3-4″? Thank you!

    • William Binder

      2-3 Would recommend ECO-8 ECO-10 or ECO-12
      3-4 ECO-12 or ECO-14

  12. Sally

    Is the the same wax candle science sells
    I taught this 464 was pure and not mixed

    • William Binder

      Yes the 464 is AAK brand. It is a blend.

  13. Mathew

    can i use this wax for a single wooden wick candle in a mason jar?

    • William Binder

      We do not recommend using wood wicks with Soy they are not very effective.

  14. Christopher Wheeler

    Hello. What is the difference between this and Cargil-3?

    • William Binder

      They are fairly similar just produced by different manufacturers.

  15. Samantha Williams

    Do I have to add vybar?

    • William Binder

      No you don’t have to. Some will add it to try and get more fragrance into the wax.

  16. Hailey Stone

    What is the proper amount of this wax needed to make an 8oz candle? And what amount of scent is suggested for this wax in an 8oz jar?

    • William Binder

      You will need between 6-6.5 ounce of wax. Most people will start with 1 ounce of fragrance per pound of wax.

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