Palo Santo

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Top: Pomelo Peel, Saffron
Middle: Neroli, Violetm, Elemi, Cedarwood
Bottom: Golden Amber, Sandalwood, Moss

Palo Santo - 8 ounce

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Palo Santo - 1 pound

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3 reviews for Palo Santo

  1. Mr. Toad

    This is a lovely scent! Good for both men and women and perfect for a farmhouse or rustic collection.

  2. (verified owner)

    I can’t say this is a “bad” scent necessarily, but it’s definitely NOT Palo Santo. As a Tarot reader, I have used real Palo Santo and Sage for many years, and was a bit taken aback when I smelled this ootb, but I continued to use it in my candles. Ironically, I was making Tarot Candles, and wanted to provide that original Palo Santo fragrance, but one customer has already given feedback, and it was not a compliment. She told me it smelled like Men’s Axe cologne…not quite the feedback I was hoping for. She then said it wasn’t bad, but definitely reminded her of a ‘clean man’ smell. Unfortunately, this is a hard scent to come by, and is usually out of stock at many of me typical suppliers, such as The Flaming Candle. so i was on the hunt, and was hoping this would be the one.

  3. (verified owner)

    It smells very nice, but it’s not super true to real palo santo. It’s got a man’s cologne sort of vibe to it, and there’s a faint green note in there that I can’t quite identify. If you’re looking for a masculine smelling FO that leans toward a sort of sweeter sandalwood with a bit of herbal going on, that’s how I would describe it.

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