Salt Cavern

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Top: Marine, Eucayptus, Sea Salt
Middle: Water Lotus, Rose, Orange Blossom
Bottom: Woody

Flash Point; 214F

Salt Cavern – 2 pound
Salt Cavern – 8 ounce
Salt Cavern – 1 pound

4 reviews for Salt Cavern

  1. nresczenko33 (verified owner)

    I cannot stop smelling this fragrance oil. It’s one of a kind. I can definitely pick up a salty background but it has a lot more depth and mystery to it. Probably the best scent in my line. Thank you!

  2. Denise

    This is a new favorite for me and beloved by my friends who are the recipients of my candles and soaps. It is the most frequently requested scent. It is a very clean, gender-neutral fragrance with a strong but not overpowering throw.

  3. Gary (verified owner)

    My customers are loving this Salt Cavern fragrance! It’s becoming a staple in my line of soy candles made with 464!

  4. lahelarae (verified owner)

    Nice, aquatic, clean, scent with just a hint of salt. Used in parasoy at 2 oz pp. Cured 3 weeks and it had great HT. I would recommend this fragrance oil.

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