Red Apple Peel

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Powerful apple scent with notes from peel to the core. This concentrate is a stronger version of Macintosh Apple. Truly unique!

Red Apple Peel - 1 pound

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Red Apple Peel - 1 ounce
Red Apple Peel - 8 ounce

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The Ultimate line of fragrances from Candlewic contain ingredients and boosters so when they are added to the candle, they perform at a maximum level with minimum input. These fragrances boost transmission of fragrance in both cold and burning candles.

2 reviews for Red Apple Peel

  1. Judith Giordano

    Great fragrabce, It is not an overpowering scent which is why I love it in my soaps.

  2. Judith Giordano

    Great fragrance. It is not overpowering which is why it is ideal for soap making.

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