Cylinder/Dome Top Polycarbonate Mold
(2.25″D x 6″H)


These specially designed polycarbonate plastic molds are great for hobbyists or professional candle maker.
2.25″ x 6″
16.9oz Wax Capacity

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The shapes of these molds are very unique and make a special candle. The polycarbonate plastic used in these molds is able to take the wear and tear of the candle maker. Each mold includes a pin to hold the top of the wick. Wick hole is secured at the bottom by tying knot in wick and pulling tight. Please note frequent use , fragrance and dye can affect the life of the mold. Please note frequent use, fragrance and dye can affect the life of the mold. Not recommended for Palm-2 or Palm-3 waxes.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 6 in


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(2.25″D x 6″H)”

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