What You’ll Need to Make Candles

Candlewic carries two styles of pouring pitchers that are ideal for the beginner (M-121A 4# pound pot and M-60 8# pitcher). We suggest using these pouring pots as a double boiler by placing them in another pot that is filled with water. This will work for temperatures up to 212 degrees F. If the candle wax blend or an additive in the blend calls for higher temperatures than 212 degrees F you can heat it in on direct heat (not an open flame). If doing so it is imperative to keep your attention focused on the temperature of the wax, do not let it go above 325 degrees F. We also carry a wide variety of direct and water-jacketed wax heaters in a variety of sizes if you’re interested in melting larger batches.

Candlewic carries over 20 different waxes. We have a wide selection of paraffin waxes, pre-blended candle waxes, veggie waxes, bayberry, and beeswax. We suggest reading over the wax pages in order to find the wax that will offer you the look and effects you are trying to achieve in your candle. Please keep in mind each variety of candle wax will have different melting points, characteristics and pouring temperatures.

Candlewic Recommendations

Application Paraffin Wax Pre-blended Candle Wax Veggie Wax
Containers Container Fill CBL-129 Soy 125
Votive/Pillars 4144 CBL-141 PS

Before you get started it is going to be important to know the melt point of the wax, this is important for several reasons. First it is very important in determining the pouring temperature. Typically the ideal pouring temperature is 20-30 degrees above the melting point, this can very depending on the type of wax. POURING TOO HOT OR COLD CAN EFFECT THE FINISH AND PERFORMANCE OF THE WAX IN YOUR CANDLE.

Selection of your wick is going to be one of your most difficult challenges in candle making. We suggest starting with Candlewic’s wick recommendations. The wick selection will be sensitive to the candle’s shape, size, wax, color, and fragrance. We recommend using pre-cut and tabbed wicks for making votive and container candles. These wicks can be cut to your specification to the exact size of your container or votive. In producing pillar and novelty candles it is suggested that you use the spooled raw wicking.

Candlewic offers color blocks, color buttons, and liquid dyes for solid coloring. The easiest method to color your wax is the color buttons or blocks. These are formed in 1/2 oz. sizes, which typically color about 15 pounds of wax a dark shade.

Candlewic carries over 170 liquid fragrances. The recommended amount of fragrance ranges from 3 to 8% by weight. A good starting point is 1 ounce per pound (6% by weight). It’s important to check the maximum fragrance amount the particular wax you are using will hold. Usually if you go above that amount in the wax, it will not perform properly.

Candlewic carries a very wide assortment of candlemaking molds including pillar, votive, floater, novelty, and unique designer shapes. In addition, Candlewic has over 20 different styles of jars to choose from.

A thermometer is a must for candle making, since pouring temperature is so critical. Candlewic has a standard candle thermometer (M-61) and a higher-end digital thermometer. Both are effective in reading the temperature of the wax.