All Natural Beeswax Garden Flare Candle

Materials Needed
  • 8 sheets all natural beeswax
  • 10′ cotton wick
  • Dowel/bamboo
  • Aluminum foil

Step 1:

Lay wick across the edge of the wax sheet. Position wick extending 1/2″ (one-half) past the top and 3″ from the bottom of the wax. Roll the edge of the wax over wick once, just far enough to cover the wick.

Step 2:

Wrap piece of aluminum foil around the very tip of the dowel or bamboo (to prevent the wood from burning).

Step 3:

Lay 3″ of dowel/bamboo beside the first wrap of wax as prepared in Step 1.

Step 4:

Heat well so the wax sticks well to your dowel or bamboo. Tightly roll the whole sheet of wax onto the dowel/bamboo. Keep the top and bottom of your wax sheet even while rolling firmly. Your end result should be a tightly rolled candle.

Step 5:

To add a decorative accent to your garden flares add a natural ribbon or raffia bow to the base of your candle. (Be sure to remove your bow before burning your candle.)

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