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One of the important aspects in today’s market is customer experience in the purchasing of the candle.By consumers coming into your location, you have an extreme advantage over the internet, and now the key is to “hook” that customer on your candles.  A growing trend in retail is to let people make their own candles. The problem is with most candles the long set up time necessary for the candles.  One way around that is to have them make chunk candles. In this case, the vast majority of the candle is already hard and they need to do is fill in the gaps. Even if you don’t have a store, making chunk candles can allow the customer to pick their own colors.

Step 1:For the best results, a 140 Paraffin wax should be used for the chunks. Begin by melting your wax to make the actual chunks in any color and pour into a cookie or baking sheet.Hint: If you have extra wax, use it for the chunks. These chunks can be scented or unscented. (For a uniquely scented candle try using different types of scents in these candles.) Using different scents will allow these candles to “throw” different smells during the burning cycle.As the wax begins to harden take a knife and cut the slightly gelled wax into different shapes, patterns or designs.

Step 2:When the chunks are completely hard remove them from the sheets and place in any type of pillar mold. Common mold sizes would include 3 x 6-1/2, 3 x 9-1/2 and 4 x 4-1/2. Once the chunks have been placed in the mold, take a pillar wax (scented or unscented) and pour over the chunks. When the candle is completely set up, remove the pillar from the mold.

Step 3:

For variations in the basic chunk candle, try some of the following variations:

  • Once the chunks are placed in the mold, pour your pillar wax at a higher temperature, which will cause the chunks to streak and create a unique look.
  • Try using different types of molds such as octagons, squares and other unusual shapes.
  • Try making chunk candles in a jar. For best results make the chunks out of wax with a lower melt point wax.

What makes the chunk candle so unique is the endless possibilities that can be made with the same basic concept. Some candle makers are starting to use this same concept with palm waxes for truly unique candles.

Also be sure to make unique shaped chunks using the floating molds and even candy molds in some instances.

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