Bath-Time Scented Frog Candle

Material Needed (for one candle)

  • Beeswax craft sheets
  • 1 Honeycomb Hunter Green
  • Scraps of honeycomb sunflower and honeycomb burnt orange
  • Candle Bowl
  • 340g scented candle beads
  • 3 pre-wicked votive tabs
  • Pair of googly eyes
  • Black fabric paint
  • Project Sheet


Step 1:

Using an exacto knife, cut 3 pieces of Template A (Frog Head) from the Honeycomb Hunter Green Wax.

Step 2:

Cut 12 pieces of Template B (Frog Hands/Feet)

Step 3:

Taking the 3 pieces cut in step 1, warm using hands and press together.

Step 4:

Using the pieces cut in Step 2, press 3 pieces together warming with your hands. This will make one hand. Continue with the remaining pieces until you have 2 hands and 2 feet.

Step 5

Press the googly eyes as shown in the picture. Using black fabric paint, draw the smile on the frog’s face. Let the fabric paint dry completely before completing the remaining steps.

Step 6

Take frog’s head and press the neck firmly onto edge of bowl to secure. Place the hands and feet as shown in

picture, pressing the arms and legs firmly to secure them to the edge of the bowl.  You will want to make sure
the pieces are secured to the bowl as once the candle beads are in the bowl, they make it difficult for a loose piece to stick to the side of the bowl.

Step 7

Place prewicked votive tabs on bottom of bowl in a triangle. Space evenly.

Step 8

Pour scented candle beads in bowl to look like bath tub. Fill candle beads right up by frog face and hands and feet so all you can see are the hands, feet and face stickingout.

Step 9

To make the bird take a small piece of honeycomb sunflower scraps.  Roll into a small ball.  Make a small fan shape and press onto end of ball to make tail.  Make another ball, smaller than the first and press it onto the larger ball to make the birds head.

Step 10

Take a small scrap of burnt orange to make the beak. Press onto face.

Step 11

Paint two eyes on bird, using Black Fabric Paint. Set in candle beads.

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