How to Make Votive Candles

Step 1: Choose the Right Votive Wax

Votive wax can be the same as Pillar wax and there is no need for additives to the 3 waxes mentioned below.

Votive/Pillar Blend Wax CBL-141
A quality, consistent blended wax designed to hold large amounts of fragrance. Good release from molds.

143 Melt Point Wax 4045 H
This is a great wax to use when you want to make mottled votive candles.

Step 2: Selecting Scents

When making votive candles with paraffin, any one of the 160 fragrances we offer is suitable including Ultimate Scents, Scenti Masterbatch, standard fragrances and our various scents on sale. For a good scented candle a 5% fragrance usage level is recommended. A 5% usage works out to about 1 ounce per pound of wax. If purchasing one case of wax you may want to consider up to 2 ½ – 3 pounds of scent.

Step 3: Coloring Your Votive Candle

We recommend color buttons when coloring votive candles to give the best consistency in small batches.  There are many tremendous colors available including white and black.

Step 4: Working with Wicks

There are many things that go into sizing the wick including the wax you select, how much scent and even the color of your candle. The flat braided wicks generally work best with Votive Candles, and don’t forget the votive pin to keep your wick positioned perfectly during every pour.

Wax Type Wick Type
OK-6228 or
44-24-18 zinc
44-20-18 zinc
44-28-18 zinc
4045 H 44-24-18 zinc
44-20-18 zinc
44-28-18 zinc

Step 5: Pick Your Votive Candle Shape

Votive molds are pretty basic. The only real variation is the shape you want to create. Your options include:

The standard Steel Votive cup fits all popular votive containers.

There is a Round Plastic Votive Mold great for improving the shiny finish of votive candles.

The Octagon Votive Mold adds a unique look to your votives.

Step 6: Make Your Candle

Once you’ve gathered the right materials, make sure you have the right equipment and tools for the job including: Pouring PotsThermometerVotive Pin, and Mold Release.

To melt, pour, and cool the wax for your votive candles be sure to follow all Safety Guidelines and General Instructions.

Once you’re finished with your candles the Display Box is great for display and shipping up to 24 candles to your customers.

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