Micro 5715


Wax Additive – 180 degree F melt point. (White slab)
Helps to eliminate mottling, makes wax more opalescent. Use 1 – 10% for hurricane candle and dipped tapers. Use 3 – 10% for molded candles and polyurethane molds.

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Micro 5715 – 11 pound slab
Micro 5715 – 1 pound block
Micro 5715 – 55 pound case


Micro 5715 will help you achieve a great container candle.
Add this to your container wax at 5% to 8% to prevent
oil migration and eliminate surface imperfections in your jar
candles. This product will offer your container candles made
with paraffin an enhanced, smooth, and opaque finish. Use at
higher percentages to increase flexibility and workability in
votive and pillar waxes.


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