Yellow Beeswax

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100% Yellow Beeswax in pastille form.
USP grade beeswax.

Bulk Pricing – 55 Pound Bag [W6034]

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This pure refined beeswax is derived from crude beeswax that is only collected from domestic origins, with a unique color and aroma.

This beeswax is an ongoing collaboration with our supplier.  In an effort to provide Candle Makers a superior beeswax in color and aroma.  You will not be disappointed. Simply put this BEESWAX IS AWESOME!

Melting Point 143-149 F

Acid Value 17-24 MG koh/G

Ester Values: 72-79

Color: light yellow to yellow

INCI: Beeswax

EU INCI: Cera Alba

CAS# 8012-89-3

SAP Value: 89-103

Unsaponifiable: 45-55%

5 reviews for Yellow Beeswax

  1. [email protected]

    This is the best bee’s wax out there. Now I keep bees, but this stuff is completely ready to use. You can measure out an ounce or 20 ounces very easily with this granulated wax. II tis good in facial creams or lip balms for added stiffness. I use it for that, but mostly for candles. With the polycarb molds that you can get on this site, you can make some very beautiful candles. I love natural waxes and this is as natural as it gets. I have made many beautiful spiral globe, large globe, stair step, cylinder and my favorite- the hand wrapped look candles with the mold I got here. I simple love this versatile wax!

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    The best beeswax on the market! I do not have any issues with funneling, beeswax even smells like natural honey. My customers love it! Def will return to buy more.

  3. teakoiava (verified owner)

    This “Pure Beeswax” is mostly made of paraffin or some other synthetic wax and perfumed with beeswax fragrance. Melts too fast, my large size candle burned down in 15 minutes.
    I am very disappointed. Next time I will buy from my usual beekeepers.

  4. Michael Cavey

    I’ve been purchasing this beeswax for years and love the quality of it. It smells amazing.

  5. Eve W (verified owner)

    Usually very good in scent and texture. I have gotten batches (more than once) that smell like chemicals and burn poorly (tunneling). When I speak with customer service I get the, “No one else has complained.” answer, so no real solution, but as a candle maker working closely with the wax, I know when it is off. Still when the wax batch is good, it is great.

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