Yellow Beeswax


100% Yellow Beeswax in pastille form.
USP grade beeswax.

Bulk Pricing – 55 Pound Bag [W6034]

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This pure refined beeswax is derived from crude beeswax that is only collected from domestic origins, with a unique color and aroma.

This beeswax is an ongoing collaboration with our supplier.  In an effort to provide Candle Makers a superior beeswax in color and aroma.  You will not be disappointed. Simply put this BEESWAX IS AWESOME!

Melting Point 143-149 F

Acid Value 17-24 MG koh/G

Ester Values: 72-79

Color: light yellow to yellow

INCI: Beeswax

EU INCI: Cera Alba

CAS# 8012-89-3

SAP Value: 89-103

Unsaponifiable: 45-55%


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