Pina Colada


Top Notes: Pineapple, Coconut, Lemon

Middle Notes: Red Berries, Coconut Water, Pineapple Flower

Dry Notes: Creamy Vanilla, Musk


Less than 170 degrees F flashpoint

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Product Details

Specifically formulated for use in candles (not for use in foods). The perfume fragrances are 100% concentrates and will give your candles a lively scent. These scents are classified for 3-4% usage. The scents should be added to the wax just before pouring in mold at wax temperature of 180 to 200 F. Note: 1oz orders are shipped in 4oz containers.

Begin the journey with tart and tangy pineapple, taking center stage.

Fragrance Notes


Begin the journey with tart and tangy pineapple, taking center stage.


The heart of the fragrance celebrates smooth and creamy coconut, perfectly blending with the pineapple’s zest.


Rounding up the scent are subtle hints of vanilla and rum, adding depth and a touch of warmth to the fragrance.


Candle Safe (usage: 3-10%), Soap Safe (usage: 2-6%), Phthalate Free

Soy Performance

Flash Point


Cold Process Soap Performance







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