Christmas Fun

Christmas Colors and Candle Scents

This collection of Christmas scents will help create fresh and unique holiday candles and soaps that are sure to bring happy memories of seeing snow on the ground, to drinking a cup of hot chocolate or going to see the beautiful Christmas lights.

Christmas Candle Making Colors




Kelly Green

Christmas Green

Candle Making Scents for Christmas

  • $2.75$16.00
  • $2.75$19.43
  • $2.75$23.63
  • $2.75$13.41
  • $2.75$14.43
  • $2.75$12.00
  • $2.75$22.94
  • $2.75$22.62
  • $2.75$15.73
  • $2.75$19.56
  • $2.75$12.00
  • $2.75$14.71
  • $2.75$16.13
  • $1.75$14.12


  1. I have some wax and a bottle of bayberry oil that hasn’t been touched for years. The items just sat in a closet. I’m guessing the wax would be all right, but wondering if the oil would still be good even though it wasn’t opened and sat in a dark closet for that time.

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