4 Ways Your Business Can Stand Out In A Competitive Candle Market

If you want to generate substantial profits through your candle making business, you must differentiate yourself from all the other candle makers in the market. The candle market is saturated with competition, but this is not something to worry about.

A saturated market means people are buying candles, and lots of them. Candles are not a product customers buy once and done. Using proper methods, a happy customer will buy candles from you for a lifetime.

The way to get repeat customers who can’t get enough of your products is to be different and never stop adding value to your customers.

Here are 4 ways you can stand out from everyone else selling candles, and start making serious income.

  1. Make Unique Products That Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

    Candle makers will oftentimes commoditize their candle products and sell what everyone else is selling. Generic fragrances and similar aesthetic styles. Instead you must have compelling offers unlike anything that is already out there.

    Create your own unique fragrances, at the very least name your scented candles differently than the general scent. Test different scents and the names for those scents. Instead of just “vanilla scented candle”, try “vanilla milkshake”. Some of your created names might not work, and that’s okay. Only the market can decide for you what will sell and what will not.

    Even better than coming up with unique names, is creating new scents or candle styles entirely. Craft scents and styles that can’t be found anywhere else but at your candle store. Let your customers know that a specific product is one of a kind, only to be found at your store.

  2. Follow Up With Your Customers

    The money is made in the follow up. It is much easier to get a customer to buy from you again than it is to get a brand new potential customer to buy from you for the first time. There are many ways to follow up with your customers, but one of the most effective is email.

    Email your customers with updates. Let them know when you have new products available. Run special promotions with coupons and discounts only available to people on your email list.

    Host free giveaways and contests in which the contestant has to join your email list and follow your social media in exchange for a chance to win prizes and/or bundles of your products. After the contest you have new emails to follow up with and sell to.

    Your email list is also a great way to receive feedback from customers that made purchases from you in the past. Rather than just following up with another sales pitch, ask your customer how they are enjoying the products they bought from you. Ask them if there is anything you can do better. This kind of consideration goes a long way and will keep your customers coming back for more.

  3. Interact With Your Customers

    Whether it’s email, Facebook, Instagram, Google Reviews, Etsy, in person, wherever, take the time to interact and respond to your customers, fans, and followers.

    If someone takes the time to leave you a review, respond back saying thank you, or addressing the problem if there is some sort of conflict.

    This goes for social media comments as well. When a follower goes out of their way to comment on a post, acknowledge that response and reply back if it’s appropriate. Your tribe will really appreciate these gestures that most other businesses do not do.

  4. Post Content That Adds Value To Your Customers

    Many businesses get too caught up in posting content boasting about how great they are. The truth is your customers don’t care about your business, they care about themselves and what the business can do for them. You should tailor your content around this concept.

    Post content about what’s in it for the customer when they purchase your products. Can your products heal headaches with special blends and ingredients? If your products are high quality or environmentally friendly, what does that mean for the customer? Consider how your posts add value to you prospective customer before you hit that publish button

If you abide by these simple principles, tactics and strategies it will put your business light years ahead of your competition. Stay consistent applying these methods and watch your customer base grow, and your profits accelerate.

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