How to Make Mottled Candle

One of the looks most often associated with heavily fragranced candles is the mottled look. This look can be easily accomplished with containers, pillars and votives. It requires starting with the right wax. Not all waxes will mottle, so using the right wax is essential.The first step is to decide what type of candle you will be making and choosing the appropriate wax for that application.

Step 1Select, clean, wick, and prepare your jars or molds as you normally do.Step 2Melt your wax, add color and 5% fragrance.Step 3Once the candle has been poured and is completely cooled, remove it from the mold.

Step 4

Pour your wax between 165-175°F.

Step 5

Pillars and Votives: Top off your candle. When the top off completely hardens, remove it from the mold.

Containers: Top off candle.

Special Notes on Mottled Candles:

The reaction between the fragrance and the wax (causing it to fracture) is what causes the mottling. The fragrance and the process can have an impact on the level of mottling. If you do not achieve the desired mottling, try pouring cooler first and then hotter until the desired result is achieved.

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