Making Swirl Candles

A unique candle project sure to hypnotize buyers!Ingredients



In separate pots melt the General Purpose Wax and the Gel Wax.


Prepare mold by securing wick, applying Mold Sealer on the bottom and spraying the mold with Mold Release.


When the paraffin wax is approximately 175-200°F (80- 93°C), pour into mold. Fill the mold one-half to three-quarters full to leave room to pour the Gel Wax into your candle.


While the paraffin wax is cooling, prepare the Gel Wax. Add approximately two to three drops of red dye to 1/4 of a cup of Gel Wax and stir. You may want to dye your gel wax in a separate measuring cup, so that you only have to dye a small amount of your Gel Wax. Make sure the Gel Wax is quite hot before dying because you do not want it to harden before you have time to dye it and pour it into your mold. Make sure to dye your gel only after the paraffin wax has cooled for several minutes.


Let the paraffin wax cool until there is about 1/4 inch (6 mm) of hardened wax on the top. Puncture this skin on the wax and pour your dyed Gel Wax through the hole.


Let the candle cool completely, and remove it from your mold. No two candles will ever look the same, so every time you complete this project, you will make a 100% unique candle!


Try dying your parrafin wax before you add your Gel Wax to the candle. Be sure to use complementary colors as the waxes will mix as they cool!  Use this swirl method as a layer in a container candle!  Add glitter to your Gel Wax before pouring,and watch the sparkle spread throughout your candle!

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