Textured Palm Wax Candle Craft Project

To really create that special candle, our project is going to focus on both texture and shape. We have selected the octagon aluminum mold and the Palm 2 wax. The Palm 3 wax or any aluminum mold can be substituted to create your own special look. I think the Ylang and Amber fragrance is the perfect compliment to this unique candle. Again, you can select any fragrance to fit the shape or ambience you are trying to create. Did we mention that by using the Palm wax you are also making an all Natural Candle.


Step 1

Melt Palm Wax in double boiler. Note that the hotter you make the wax, the more the wax will create a snowflake look on the candle.

Do not exceed 210°F.

Step 2

Add some shavings of color blocks and 4% to 5% of fragrance.

Step 3

Using the rubber plug and wick bar, prepare your aluminum mold for pouring.

Step 4

Before pouring wax, it is suggested to heat the mold with a heat gun or a heat lamp to maximize the crystallizing effect of the Palm Wax.

Step 5

Pour liquid Palm Wax into the mold and let cool. By slowing the cooling rate of your poured candles, you can create fantastic crystal effects in your Palm Wax candles.

Step 6

Sometimes Palm Wax requires a second pour. You will know it is necessary if a thin layer of wax forms over your candle when cooled. Simply poke a hole in this layer and perform your second pour.

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