How to Make Grubby Candles

Before beginning to describe this project, it may be best for us to describe what a “grubby candle” might be. While you probably will not find an official definition for a grubby candle, many people use the term to refer to the look of the candle, appearing like the surface of the candle is frosted or a layer is missing.

Unlike mottling, where the finish is actually “internal” on the candle, the finish on this candle will actually impact the surface. This candle is always a favorite among candle makers since it is relatively easy to make. The level of “grubbiness” can be controlled.

Any size aluminum mold can be used for this candle. We find the most popular is the 3 x 4½. You begin this project by chilling the mold for about 10-15 minutes. You then take the 4045H wax and add about 10% stearic acid to the formulation. Melt your wax to around 150-155 degrees Fahrenheit and pour it into the chilled mold as any standard pillar. Top off where needed and remove from the mold when the candle has completely hardened. Due to the peeling of the wax, the candle may have to be placed in the freezer for removal.

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