How to Make a Simple Container Candle

Step 1: Choosing the Proper Wax

There is no need for additives to the 3 waxes mentioned below.

Container Blend Wax – CBL-125
This is a soft, smooth and creamy blended candle wax that is specially formulated for use in container candles. This is a one-pour wax. CBL-125 can display one pour behavior in smaller containers. This blend will exhibit very good burning characteristics and should help minimize the problematic “wet spots.” CBL-125 is a great substitue for J-50 and J-223.

Container Blend Wax CBL-129
This is a custom blended wax, which has been designed for high levels of scent usage. It has great cold and hot scent throw. This wax will require topping off.

126 Melt Point Wax 2530 H
This is a great mottling wax for container candles. No other additives are needed. This wax will require topping off.

Step 2: Selecting Scents

When making paraffin candles, any one of the 160 fragrances we offer is suitable, including Ultimate Scentsstandard fragrances and our various scents on sale. For a good scented candle a 5% fragrance usage level is recommended. A 5% usage works out to about 1 ounce per pound of wax. If purchasing one case of wax you may want to consider up to 2 ½ – 3 pounds of scent.

Step 3: Determining Color (Dye)

For smaller batches and color consistency, the color blocks are the way to go. There are many tremendous colors including white and black.

Step 4: Choosing Wicks

There are many things that go into sizing the wick including the wax you select, how much scent is added and even the color. In order to assist with this process Candlewic is always willing to provide wick samples to use in your specific candle. The chart below is only a starting point and testing should be done before any purchasing any significant number of wicks.

Please note that Zinc Core wicks are the easiest to use for container fill candles.

2″-3″ Candle
3″-4″ Candle
44-24-18 zinc
44-32-18 zinc
51-32-18 zinc
62-52-18 zinc
44-20-18 zinc
44-32-18 zinc
51-32-18 zinc
60-44-18 zinc
62-52-18 zinc
2530 H
36-24-24 zinc
44-20-18 zinc
44-24-18 zinc
44-36-18 zinc
51-32-18 zinc
60-44-18 zinc

Step 5: Getting Glassware (Containers)

Standard apothecary jars are always available in 15 oz., 22 oz. and 32 oz. sizes. In addition, Candlewic stocks new and exciting glassware so make sure you check out the glassware section.

Step 6: Get the Right Tools

When making any type of candle it is important that you have all the necessary equipment to make quality candles. When making candles, remember to always follow proper Safety Procedures.

Pouring Pots
These are needed to take your liquid wax and pour into your molds or containers.

No candle shop can be without this important tool.

Glue Dots
These handy little devices help to keep your wick centered in the glass when you pour the wax.

A good book will serve as a reference tool as well as including safety precautions.

Step 7: Make Your Candle

Once you have picked your materials and gathered your equipment, just follow our General Guidelines to make your container candle.


    1. Will depend on the type of candles you wish to make. If containers would recommend CBL-129 if pillars and free standing would recommend CBL-141.

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