Single Pour Wax – CBL 125


This is a soft, smooth and creamy blended candle wax that is specially formulated for use in container candles. This is a one-pour wax. CBL-125 can display one pour behavior in smaller containers. This blend will exhibit very good burning characteristics and should help minimize the problematic “wet spots.” CBL-125 is a great substitute for J-50 and J-223.


Bulk Pricing – 51-pound case [W5002]

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Wax Blend Consistency: Soft Fragrance Capacity: 6-8% Candle’s Finish: Creamy, Smooth, & Opaque Pouring Temp (°F): (150-160)° Melting Point (°F): 131°

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10.2-pound slab, 51-pound case, 1-pound block, 51-pound case w shipping included, 5 51-pound cases w shipping included


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