Honeycomb Texture Beeswax Sheets – 10 Sheet Pack

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Candlewic manufactures bees wax sheets that are made of all natural 100% pure beeswax. The honeycomb style is the most popular among the beeswax candle sheets. The beeswax sheet dimensions are 8″ x 16″.

Candle grade only. Not edible.

Product has been discontinued, last of inventory is on sale!!


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Honeycomb Texture Beeswax Sheets - 10 Sheet Pack – Pink

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7 reviews for Honeycomb Texture Beeswax Sheets – 10 Sheet Pack

  1. Dawn Rast (verified owner)

    Love this Beeswax rolls & burns beautifully. Please bring back the lovely orange.
    Thank you so much for having this wax

  2. Kelly Miller

    Perfect for rolling, please bring back all the colors.

  3. thecandleshopny

    I bought these and made rolled candles and I absolutely love them and these sheets. I hope they come back soon.

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    Great for rolling many different sizes and styles of candles. Holds scents well in the honeycomb pattern for scented candles. Please bring back your large selection of colors.. orange for Fall would be nice?

  5. Janine Carder

    my father and step mother had a candle business and I worked with them sometimes and I remember loving the candles I would like to make some to keep around my new house but I would like more colors to choose from do you know when you will get more colors in stock?

    • William Binder

      Unfortunately we are no longer stocking the beeswax sheets. So sorry could not have been more assistance.

  6. Janine Carder

    Can you recommend anyone that is selling beeswax sheets, I really need some

    • William Binder

      Unfortunately the reason we stopped selling was we were unable to find a supplier.

  7. Jim

    If you no longer offer it, why do you still have it listed on your web wsite?

    • William Binder

      We have several colors with remaining inventory. Once they are gone we will be taking this down.

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