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Nature at it’s BEST is the only way to describe this new all natural Soy wax. This new product is capable of holding up to 4-5% fragrance. We are pleased to announce an introductory price!

Note: This product has been specifically designed for use in containers.

Bulk Pricing – 50-pound case [W6050]

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Soy-125 – 50-pound case
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Soy-125 – 50-pound case w shipping included
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Soy-125 – 5 50-pound cases w shipping included
Ships Ground. Not Available in AK, HI, PR, and Canada

6 reviews for Soy-125

  1. Marie

    In 2005, I purchased around 10 boxes of this wax at 22.5 kgs each. Back then there were no soy waxes available in Australia and soy wax candles were never heard of! I’ve been pouring them successfully, sold some of the boxes and had 2 boxes left in my garage and forgot all about them, I went on to making soaps! Ten years later (Jan 2021) I decided to open the box.. To my surprised the wax was all intact, it smelled exactly the same as it was! I have tested the wax and nothing has changed!
    A friend of mine purchased soy wax (different brand) here in Sydney and it turned smelly and ‘damaged” after 6 months!
    I don’t really know why this wax Soy 125 remained fresh as it was from 10 years ago, in the outside of the box there was a “best before if use within 1 year of purchase”, these boxes have gone through 10 hot summers up to 40c (104F) stored in the garage!
    I just think that this wax is of good quality and the best there is as based on my experience!
    This is just my opinion and I’m excited to share this!

  2. Carol Sander

    I love this wax, it pours so smooth, throws great scent, and makes great container candles, my favorite. Great for melt cubes and votives also.

  3. arosenlund24 (verified owner)

    What is the pour temp and melt point of this wax? I have tested a few different temps but none that I am happy with so far. Also what is the scent hold?

    My candles have had very good scent throw with this wax although I cannot get it to a smooth finish which might be an error on my part if referencing my questions above. The wax I used to use is no long sold so I ordered this and have been doing my process as if working with the old wax until I figure out the new wax.

    • William Binder

      Best temperature to pour this wax would be 118F.

  4. Jenn

    I have veen using this wax fir almist 2 years niw for my candles and live it! My business isnt huge and just me working but i love that its so easy to work with.

  5. Kia (verified owner)

    I love this wax. I’ve been using it for a little over 2 years. It’s super soft and it has great cold and hot throws. I noticed the price has went up over time. But it’s still my favorite!

  6. Manon Harpin

    What is the best wick to go with this wax? Can I use wooden wicks?
    This is the first time I will use this wax. Is this wax organic?
    Than you

    • William Binder

      WE would recommend the ECO series wicks and the precise one will vary depending on the diameter, fragrance load and color. This product is not organic and would recommend NOT using wooden wicks at all.

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