Candle Dye

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Showing 31–39 of 39 results

Candlewic has highly concentrated candle dyes and color blocks of every color you need for your creations. Whether you want dyes, colorants, or pigments for yourself, your friends and loved ones, or your business needs, Candlewic has you covered.

What type of liquid candle dye, color block, or pigment you choose is dependent on your personal candlemaking goals and creative expressions.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our resources section, which features all sorts of tips & techniques, how-to guides, and candlemaking projects. Some helpful articles pertaining to dyes include but are not limited to:
Making Swirl Candles
Candle Making Test Sheet
Tri-Colored Candle Jars

Are you brand new to candlemaking? Check out our Para-Soy Starter Candlemaking Kit, which has everything you need to make your first candles and beyond.