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Our summer fragrance oils include fresh and airy scents, crisp fruit notes, and soothing floral aromas.

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The Scents of Summer

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Tips and Techniques to get the most out of summer.

Unleash the spirit of summer in your home with Candle Wic’s exquisite fragrances. Our Summer Tips & Techniques guide is your secret weapon to creating the perfect summer ambiance. Discover how to blend alluring fragrances like Beachwoods & Blossoms, featuring top notes of citrus and apple, middle notes of orchid and rose, and dry-down notes of vanilla and musk. Explore DIY projects like crafting your own beachy candles or citronella candles that not only illuminate your spaces but also evoke the refreshing feel of a beach vacation. Dive into the world of scents like the 100% Natural Bergamote Breeze and many more. Make your summer memorable with Candle Wic’s fragrant symphony.

Summer Projects

Discover the magic of summer with our captivating “Summer Projects” collection at Candlewic! Our selection of summer fragrance oils includes fresh and airy scents, crisp fruit notes, and soothing floral aromas, perfect for capturing the essence of the season​​.

Dive into our “Beachwoods & Blossoms” fragrance, a customer favorite with top notes of citrus, lemon, green, and apple, middle notes of cream, orchid, jasmine, and rose, and dry-down notes of vanilla, coconut, and musk. This scent is like a summer beach vacation captured in a bottle​.

We also offer a variety of other enticing fragrances to suit any taste. Explore the refreshing “Bergamote Breeze,” the sweet and succulent “Agave Nectar,” the comforting “Baby Powder,” the scrumptious “Baking Cupcakes,” and the delicious “Berry Vanilla BBW Type” fragrances​​.

But the “Summer Projects” collection isn’t just about scents. It’s about creating unique, DIY candle projects that celebrate the spirit of summer. From “Beachy Candle Projects” that evoke memories of sun-soaked days on the sand to “DIY Citronella Candles” that keep those pesky bugs at bay during your outdoor gatherings, our summer projects offer a fun and fulfilling way to express your creativity​.

Embrace the warmth of the season with our “All Natural Beeswax Garden Flare Candle” project. There’s something truly special about crafting your own beeswax candle and seeing it illuminate your summer nights with a gentle, golden glow​.

Whether you’re a seasoned candle maker or a beginner just starting out, our “Summer Projects” collection provides all the tips and techniques you need to make the most out of your summer candle crafting​. Dive into a world of aromatic creativity with Candlewic today!

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